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About Us

Nestled in amongst the busy city, we offer peace and solitude after a hectic day.
And who doesn't need a little peace and quiet every now and then?

The studio is family owned and operated and excellent customer service is my ultimate goal. Like many others, I grew up sewing with my grandma and firmly believe that sewing and quilting is a dying art. I strive to teach others the knowledge my grandma bestowed upon me. It is my desire that the youth of our world understand the sacrifices our parents and grandparents made, and that they embrace some of the nostalgia of days gone by.
Perhaps you would like embrace some of that nostalgia as well.

I invite you to join me here in the studio for a class, or just to sit and chat.
Bring your latest project and sew along with us or just relax to the hum and purr of the machines, and get lost in the fabric and the moment.
Browse around and see what the studio can offer you.