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We hope this message finds you well.  We wanted to give everyone an update on our closing process. 
1. We have been so busy we are no longer accepting emails and phone calls.
2. We do not have a set closing date.
3. We are no longer honoring previously earned rewards, nor any new rewards being offered.
4. We encourage you to bring in your own bag.
5. We are still accepting all forms of payment. 
6. The Studio is no longer accepting custom quilt requests or quilting requests.  If you are needing services that the studio formerly supplied, please reach out to:
          a. Laney Rios –
          b. Lynne Tinsley –
          c. Kirsten Rios –
7. We are still open our regular hours of:
          a. Monday 12-5
          b. Tuesday – Friday 11-5
          c. Saturday 10:30-3:30
8. We have increased the store wide discount to 45% off all products, excluding clearance, décor and fixtures!  When shopping online you must use code Closing45
9. We have both of our Tin Lizzie long arms available for sale.
          a. Tin Lizzie Ansley Model
                    i. 28” throat and about 10 years old, stitch regulator, 12’ table and homemade light bar.  Asking $4,000 OBO
          b. Tin Lizzie Apprentice Model
                    i. Approximately 3 years old with very little use.  Originally purchased to become a tin Lizzie dealer.  Stitch regulator and can be upgraded to have a computer added.  Asking $4,000 OBO
Your PTS Team

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."

- Wisdom of Confucius

Who says life has to be complicated?
Join us in the studio for classes, shopping, or simply stop in and say hi.

Isn’t it nice to be surrounded by the things you love and enjoy? Here at the studio, we strive to surround ourselves with beautiful fabric, vibrant threads and good friends.

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